Ostilos, powered by Pace E-commerce, a rather anonymous name yet pulsating with a fervor of creation. The artistry of creation lies at the core of our existence, where the marriage of fashion & persona is seamlessly woven together by the invisible thread of creative intelligence. We wholeheartedly embrace the enchanting synergy of fun, style, and bold spirit, seeking to encapsulate the essence of each unique individual.

Our foundation is built on unwavering values - integrity, honesty, and a pursuit of excellence. The essence of our brand lies in the craftsmanship and unyielding commitment to quality that permeates every facet of our creations. With a conscious effort to minimize fabric wastage, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. We don’t merely follow trends; we forge a path to create them, embodying a spirit that sets us apart in the realm of style and substance.

What Is Ostilos For Us?

Ostilos originated not as an anonymous idea but as a result of the synchronized passion of Simran Lalwani & Shaival Gandhi. Despite their differing thought processes, the driving forces of hard work, passion and the desire to create something extraordinary shaped Ostilos. The overarching goal remains to fashion something for every individual who embraces style even if it’s for 10 minutes in front of the mirror.

Although success, for Ostilos, lies in placing at least one piece in the wardrobe of every fashion enthusiast. The brand remains conscientious about its creations, ensuring that the stitching and the curation process cause no harm directly or indirectly to the environment.

The passion doesn’t end here though. The brand in itself is a merger of two brains & hearts coming together for one goal they share in common. Green is our creative color because it represents renewal and coming-of-age aesthetic. We have a fascination for versatile pieces from every era and we strive to create something that is a blend of modern and timeless

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